Sunday, February 8, 2009

Trip to Sierra Madre and Copper Canyon

We were on a tour organized by CARAVAN, an American tourist organization we have already done 2 other trips with and liked the way they handle it.
Our mode of travel from the point of departure was bus from El Paso, Texas, to Creel, and by train from Creel to El Fuerte and back to Chihuahua , from Chihuahua back to El Paso again by bus. Everything was well organized, the hotel accommodations and - in Creel - the cottage, was excellent and the tour director, Manuel, very experienced, a nature lover and history buff (Mexican history).

Here is a 5-minute brief about Mexican history:

Mexico is a North American country and reflects a vibrant blend of Spanish and native cultures and rare natural beauty. Since 1994 it has been a member of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with the US and Canada.

The most prominant cultures - before the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadores in 1519 (Cortez) - were the Maya and the Aztec. Their legacy is reflected not only in the restored historic monuments which bear witness of a high degree of civilization, but also in the faces of an enthusiastic and optimistic nation.

In 1821 Mexico achieved independence from Spain, and underwent a revolution under the leadership of Francisco "Pancho" Villa. The new constitution drafted at that time was the most advanced in the world, e.g. abolition of slavery, no death penalty, and much more! The constitution is still in effect now.

A little further down I will give you some more details of our trip.
First the train trip with the Chihuahua - Pacifico railway, called CHEPE, CHE for Chihuahua, and P for Pacifico. I took almost all of these pics from the train while travelling.

Here are some pics of a Mexican fashion show which was staged for us in our hotel.

Our hotel accommodations.

Hotel in El Fuerte, mit Pool und Kolibris

Here in the town of CREEL we were accommodated in log cabins - very romantic - and comfortable inside.