Thursday, October 2, 2008

Biathlon Congress in Prag, Czech Republic

From Sep. 2 to Sep. 7 2008 I had an assignment as conference interpreter to the 8th Regular Biathlon Congress in Prag. Petra came along. After a 6-hour train ride from Ulm, via Augsburg, Nuernberg, Pilsen, we arrived in Prag in the early pm. We checked into our Hotel which was conveniently situated about 1/2 hour from the Charles Bridge and downtown. The beauty of that city is overwhelming! No destruction during WW2! A true World Heritage in so may ways! I'll try my best to give you an impression by including a good number of photos in my BLOG. Enjoy it - and - comments are welcome!

Our Hotel - one of the few modern buildings near downtown Prag - thanks God!

It does have all the facilities necessary to conduct a congress 52 participating nations

Beautiful old buildings, surprisingly well maintained. Of course, most of them are government.

Quaint, cobble-stone streets leading down to Charles Bridge
Change of guards on the "HRADSCHIN", the seat of the President of the czech Republic

Walking down the hill towiard the Moldavia river and the gate to the Charles bridge

View from Charles Bridge down the Moldavia river.

And to the other side, toward the "Hradschin", the castle and residence of the President of the Republic. Much bigger than the White House!

Beautiful downtown! Cafes, restaurants, stores, and good shopping.

Good to know what time it is, especially from such beautiful clocks.

Awesome roof landscape! We enjoyed every minute in this beautiful city!